i took a CHANCE…


“come on mom… take a chance.”

“we’ve never had a REAL pet… gold fish and hermit crabs don’t count as real pets.”

“cats are easy.”

“you always tell us we should become more responsible.”

“you won’t have to do anything.  we will do it all.”

hahahahahahahaha (on the last statement).

so, guess what i’m doing tomorrow?

spending the day with our new kitten!

his name is chance. Chance The Rapper according to our kids.  please note that i do not agree with a lot of the rappers lyrics.  although i love the beat!

i took a chance.  i let them get the cat.  they waited 8 weeks for it to come home.  they paid for all of the kitty toys, bed, carrier, litter box, etc etc etc themselves.  i can’t believe they actually went out and bought it all.  then i had brooke take it immediately to a vet friend.  she has to get a stool sample by next tuesday…hahahaha.  lots of laughing by me.

but truly, he is so darn adorable.

and loving.

and truth be told… I already love this little kitty.

I took a chance.

welcome to the fisher family, chance (the rapper).

happy thursday.




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