a day in seattle with only 40 cents…


90 minute drive in rush hour to seattle.

a beautiful, sunny day.

what could possibly go wrong?

i tried parking and notice one slight problem…

i left my purse at home.


yes, i drove all the way to seattle and did not realize my purse was back home until i needed to pay for parking.  i normally keep $5-7 in my glove box (don’t tell anyone) for emergencies.  apparently i had an emergency the other day and needed a latte and used the money.  all of it, except 40 cents.

what’s a girl to do???

keep calm.  no need to panic myself… or my daughter; who was the reason we were there and why we rushed out of the house so quickly, forgetting the all important purse.


i dropped off brooke at her shoot.  22nd story of some crazy, cool, i-want-to-live-there building.  told her i’d be right back.  and drove to her agency.  at this point i looked at my gas level.  of course… 1/4 of a tank.  and then i looked down at my cel phone… 40% battery.  are you kidding me?

so, i prayed.  prayed hard.

blessings started to come in various ways.  kristy, at SMG (www.smgmodels.com) was there to loan me a 20 dollar bill and 2 dollars in quarters.  thank you kristy!!!  if for some crazy reason you are reading this, i put $22 in an envelope and mailed it to you this afternoon.

i drove to starbucks because they had free parking.  and i had to go to the bathroom.  and i needed a place to sit for an hour since the downtown parking is only good for 2 hours and she was going to be there 3 hours total.   i asked the barista for the cheapest drink that was a meal.  believe it or not, she gave me an extra shot as a gift from her.  who does that?  thanks starbucks!  I love you.  spent $3 on coffee.

then i waited, and sipped my extremely strong drink, and woke up.  and headed to downtown.  oh, that’s right… gas… need gas!  had to ask a guy at a stop light where in the heck was there a gas station in downtown seattle.  the only time in my life when i wished i had an electric car..haha.  spent $8 on gas.

drove around and actually found a spot.  spent $4 on the meter.  good thing i had the quarters from kristy and asked starbucks for some of my change in quarters.  otherwise, how would i have parked?  i didn’t have any form of payment.  and don’t think i didn’t contemplate going to my bank and trying to convince them to give me money… but without any ID i figured that would just be a waste of my time… and limited gas.

now i had 5 one dollar bills and 8 quarters left.

could i do it?  of course.

i went and watched her shoot.  she is amazing.  i am so proud of our girl.  after being sick for 2 weeks she knocked it out of the park.  she modeled 45 skirts in 3 hours flat!  and on top of it made $450.00 and was asked to come back for another shoot.  you go girl!!  i don’t get to brag about her anywhere else.  social media is too judgmental.  i am just so happy for her.  and this is where I can shout it out to the world.

she only let me take a photo or two on my old phone.  and it happened to be with a black tutu.  oh well, mom’s take what they can get.  the skirt line was adorable.  she will most likely post her professional photos on her site.


after the shoot we had 15 minutes left on the parking meter.  and we were starving.  we found a little deli and bought a bagel with cream cheese and turkey to share.  we so badly wanted a biscuit from The Biscuit Bitch.  but not enough money.  i do have to say though, the bagel hit the spot!

and home we went, just in time to catch mason’s basketball game.  okay, he’s just the manager… of the girls 8th grade team.  loved it.  loved my day.  love my kids.  love that everything worked out when all i thought was “oh no, i only have 40 cents”.

happy thursday.


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