we might be moving???



i want these bar stools.  even better yet, by a pool, at a bar….


we’ve been wanting to sell our home for awhile.

brooke goes to college this fall.  greg got a new job 2 hours north.  and mason plays baseball 40 minutes away.  and me?  well, i can paint anywhere.

why do we live in a house with a big yard?  with weeding that is never ending?  and a living room that nobody uses?

times change.  we are in a new season.

and my personal dream is to rent a little beach house somewhere.

so, today when greg and i just happened to be having coffee at a little coffee shop by our house.  let me say it isn’t very often we both go out for coffee.  and this dear old friend of mine walked in.  and we got to chatting.  and she said a friend of hers is looking to move to our area with their kids.  really?  do things happen like this out of the blue?  this is the perfect home for a family with little kids.  our neighborhood is amazing.  filled with kids, fun families.  the kind like we all grew up in … it’s gated so you can play all night until your parents call you in.  and everyone knows each other.  you can borrow sugar and t.p. from the person next door…haha.

oh, boy.  this sounds like we need to stay!  but, it’s time.  time for a new phase in life.

so, we will see.

until then, i got on pinterest and found a few fun things i want in my new place.  and i don’t want to forget.  because they are so cool…




















that’s a start.

i’ll let you know what happens with our home 🙂

happy monday.


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