say “cheese”…


omG…. so true!

i went through my phase of “fake butter in a tub” in college.  truthfully i just didn’t know the difference.  and i was poor.  and i don’t even recall eating much butter.  the only time i purchased real butter was when we made popcorn (in our 70’s air popper… the one with the dome lid and you melt the butter on top as it’s popping).  my dad always said “ONLY use real butter, and a slight shake or two of salt when making popcorn. no subsitutions.”

i just went through a conversation about “fake friends” with my kids.  that was interesting to say the least.  haha.  good news is that they do know who their true friends are.


and cheese…



i’ve said it over and over again…

i like appetizers and desserts.

my new fav.  originally found in southern CA last fall.  just found it locally.  i’m very excited.  garlic basil cheese.  delish.

i say always go for the “real stuff”…. butter, friends and cheese!

happy friday.



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