ok, yes you can get a tattoo…


she’s 18.

she would have done it anyway.

so we did it together.


we talked it over.

and I liked her idea best.

little matching crosses on our wrists.


but guess what?

18 year olds don’t know EVERYTHING….

yes, you need your drivers license or some form of id to get a tattoo.  she almost started crying.  she apologized over and over.  i told her it was no biggie… no need to apologize.  i was still getting my tattoo.  and yes, i got mine.  she said she didn’t bring her purse since i was paying for it.  she didn’t think she needed money.  but you still need identification.  so she drove all the way home.  yes, without a license (no judging please).  and yes, learned a valuable lesson to always have it on her.


matching crosses.

she told me every time she looked at it…

she would remember…

to bring her purse.


the whole point was to REMEMBER EACH OTHER as she goes off to college this fall.

oh, well.  she does need to remember her purse too.

lesson learned.

i’ll never forget that day.

good times.

i wonder what tattoo mason will want when he turns 18.  hahahaha.

happy tuesday.




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