lemonade. ice cream. a match made in heaven…


i want to make this soon.

anything lemon is right up my alley.

and if you add it to ice cream… oh boy!

takes me back to a trip we took with our family to newport beach in washington state.  yes, when we were asked, i was hoping it was newport beach, ca.  no such luck.  but at least we could drive.  3 hours.

4 families.

4 ocean front condos.

with a pool.

and a huge basketball court.

over 20 bikes… that we rode once. nope.  not doing that again.  just sold our bike rack at our last garage sale.

a huge assortment of junk food.  and booze.  and cards.  and games.  not much cel service.  old school.

all the salt water taffy you could eat.  yes, we all bought some thinking we were the only ones.  no complaints from the kids.

and the best ice cream shop.  ever.  they made their cones to order.  seriously.  and that is where i discovered lemon custard ice cream.  i don’t think i remember much else.  just the sweet, creamy, glorious treat.  and i’ve been craving it ever since.  of course i discovered it on the last day.  probably best for my waist line though.

but truly, i’ve been dreaming about it lately.

then I found www.yourhomebasedmom.com.  and she had a recipe.  not the same.  but one I know I could make.  and if not, then I will just have to drive 3 hours to that sweet little shop in newport beach.

but i’m going to try it on my own first.

and look for new recipes on her site.  it looks fabulous.  my foodie friends will thank me.

happy tuesday.


ps… YES, i will post some photos of my kids soon.  graduation.  moving up day to HS.  baseball.  beach days.  etc etc etc…. i promise.

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