shopping. chocolate caramel apples. concert in the park…



american eagle.  american apparel.  forever 21.  for the girls.

nordstrom.  nordstrom rack.   for the moms.


and pike place market for all.

had to take a quick peek at the “gum wall”.







the rocky mountain chocolate factory.

a must when visiting seattle.  or any other city that has these decadent apples.

the “avalanche” is our favorite.

a crisp granny smith apple with peanut butter, white chocolate, rice krispies… and other stuff.  can’t remember.  i eat it too fast.  i promise to take a photo next time!



and i’m so excited to find a recipe on pinterest for their avalanche bars.

our second favorite thing in that shop.

i’ve already printed out the recipe.  i’ll let you know how it goes.

thank you  i’m so glad to have found you.

seattle concert mike posner

and our last stop…

a concert in the park.

announced 24 hours before.

can’t believe we pulled this off.

2 moms.  2 daughters.  9 hours of fun.

thank you mike posner.

you are amazing.

love love love your music.

I am a fan!

oh, did I mention our last stop of the night…

chicken strips, fries, salads and wine at applebees near our house.  haha.

the perfect evening!

can’t wait to find out who the next “concert in the park” will be.  i’m ready for another spontaneous trip to seattle with the girls.

happy wednesday.



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