pancakes + oreos = PANOREOS…

photo (139)

want to be the “best mom in the world” this morning?

make your kids some PANOREOS.

photo (138)

just mix up a batch of your favorite pancake mix.

we love krusteaz light and fluffy buttermilk.  pretty much just add water.

melt some butter on a griddle.

place little spoonfuls of batter on the griddle (a little bit bigger than an oreo.  then put an oreo on top.  and finally, pour a little more batter over the oreo.  flip when edges get golden brown.

no need for syrup.

just pick them up and eat them.

or top them with canned spray whip cream (per my kids instructions).

note: if i’m serving them to my husband or friends, I crush a few and sprinkle them over the platter.  it looks pretty.

that’s it.

best mom in the world.

trust me.

happy thursday.


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