there’s still time for a “summer bucket list”, right?…


1. road trip to oregon

voodoo doughnuts in portland.  maple bar with bacon on top.

i’m salivating right now… yep, they are THAT good.

july28emerald downs

2. bet on “the gray horse”

at emerald downs in renton.

greg and I used to go on dates there 25 years ago.  our kids love it when we take them…  it’s been a few years since we’ve done that.  and I win just about every time when I bet on the gray horse.  seriously.

july28family vacation movie

3.  movie night

or day time.  i dont’ care.  i just know i want to see THIS movie with ALL 4 of us.  and have buttered popcorn and diet coke.

the original vacation movie with chevy chase was our family favorite when i was a kid.  i want our kids to have a family favorite of our own.  hoping it will beat our favorites so far… elf, step brothers, employee of the month… you get our humor.

july28safeco field

4. baseball in seattle

a mariners game.

just one this year.  love the outdoors.  love the fresh air.  love smelling the garlic fries (although hate the taste).  love the cold beer.  love the fans.  love it all.


5. something homemade

i love this box.  i saw it on pinterest.   i’m going to make my kids each one that fits their personality.  i’m thinking brooke will like the one above.  mason talks about going to college in cali so maybe they will both be the same.

either way, for some reason i’m feeling really sentimental lately and want to do something for my kids… from my heart.

5 weeks until brookie goes to college.

i’d better get started on this little bucket list of mine.

happy tuesday.


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