art tells a lot about a person…


i love art.

i’m sure you’ve figured that out by now.

you can tell a lot about a person by the art they display in their home.

or the pieces they wish they had.

speaking of coveting art…

these are 7 pieces of art that i love.,,, and wish i had.

especially this one.  i love love love doughnuts.

as a matter of fact if i was given the chance to take one last bite of any food in the world it would probably be a voodoo doughnut from portland, oregon… definitely the maple bar topped with bacon.  sweet and salt.  yum.

and if i owned this piece of art, i would hang it in my kitchen.

and i’d put doughnuts under a glass dome for display… and an occasional tasting when friends stopped by.


“whatever” has been my word of the week.

it makes me giggle.


i love palm springs.

one day i will live there.  greg and the kids agreed.  hopefully soon.

and i want a cute little bungalow with a pool and a big blow up swan.

and lots of palm trees.


i’ve always loved this piece.

simple…  pedicure and pool.  really?  does it get any better than that?


and i want this sign to hang directly above my white leather king size bed.

and yes, i will occasionally eat a piece of cake in bed.


and this will hang over my bar cart on our patio.


that’s the way i want to roll.

i think my choice in art says it all.

happy wednesday.


ps… if you want to know where i found the art above… go to my pinterest page.  easy as that.


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