i want X 7…


i need this for my house keys.  i’ve always been intrigued by people who tell stories of living in hotels instead of homes.  i swear i’ve met a few.  i personally think it would be fun.  must have a pool and white robes though.


cookies would be so much better in this cute cookie jar.  or i could hold my stash of candy in there.  yep, that’s a better idea.


if i could have these i promise i would work out.  really.  i would.


i want a book like this to write down my gratitudes.  i used to write 3 a day.  i’ve gotten out of the habbit.  maybe if i could get a cute book like this i would start up again.  must have on my christmas list.


dingle balls.  that’s what i call them.  the comforters out at our family beach house used to have little dingle balls on all of the white throws that covered the beds.  i miss them.  i think they got thrown away years ago.  note to self… find some new ones.


oh, a classic black watch.  this one could be worn with gold or silver.  so sleek.  so what i need.  greg???


after helping brooke set up her new dorm room last weekend, i realized how awesome black and white is.




i see why she and her roomie decorated that way.

(forgot to get a photo.  i’ll get one when i see her in november.)

so, got me thinking… i need a little black and white simpleness in my life.

i want. i want. i want.


happy thursday.




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