yay. i’m back…



Fisher Forced Family fun.

i thought it was only appropriate to start my new blog with a photo of our family.   my happy place.  my most prized possession.

you see, i had a blog for YEARS.  i paid every few months when they reminded me.  that’s how i roll.  yes, i am unorganized.  but i figure i have a lot of other great qualities about me, so this one tiny thing is not a big deal.  at least to me.  anyway, a few month go my father got sick.  long story.  i will introduce you to his memory later.  i sat with him.  i listened to hours upon hours of great stories.  i learned the importance of “time”.  he passed.  i grieved.  i am still sad.  but my website did not know.  and they canceled my blog.  the one that had years of photos and memories and stories.  i cried for that too.

then i realized… the memories are in my head.  i have photos on my phone and in my computer.  i can tell the stories to my kids as i remember them.  and i kind of like that!

we traveled to CA this past thanksgiving.  the 4 of us.  and celebrated my dad’s life with some of his family.  oh boy, do i have some great stories now.  and funny how their dad had different scenarios than his brother, my dad.  we laughed.  we celebrated.  we shed a tear.  then we gave thanks for family.


my husband and kids know i’ll never force them.  i don’t have to.  FFFF is just part of us now.

can’t wait for our next FFFF adventure.

photo (10)photo (10)photo (10)

happy tuesday.


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