happy birthday mason…

brooke bmason

happy happy birthday to my sweet baby boy.

14 years and 364 days ago my water broke.

arriving at the hospital, they told me if i waited until morning i could have a pumpkin hat for my halloween baby.

i love free.  ok.  give me something for the pain.

sent everyone home.  took a nap.  they woke me up.  i took a shower.  put on makeup.  and the family arrived.

perfect birth.  (ok, maybe if you’d asked me at the time it probably hurt a little..haha)

mason was welcomed into our world as we watched martha stewart make popcorn balls on tv.

and yes, he got a pumpkin cap.

i wish i could post photos.  but my old phone and my old computer both crashed and i am frantically trying to retrieve them.  and all of our hard copy photos are packed away for our move that appears to be happening next year apparently.

anyway, i love this kid with all of my heart.

he’s strong.  he puts family first.  he is athletic.  he is smart.  he is kind.  he has a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend and not think twice to ask his family to do the same for his friends.  he has a lot of friends.  he likes all flavors of doritos.  and yes, he loves pumpkin pie (with lots of whip cream).  he is calm and casual.  he’s funny.  he likes to make others laugh.  he likes to include anyone who might be sitting out.  he’s nurturing (we always say he will be a great dad one day).  he’s social.  very social.  he’s quiet around adults but crazy around his friends.  he loves baseball.  and just discovered this year he loves tennis.  he loves all water sports.  he loves basketball.  ok, he likes sports a lot.  he knows sports statistics unlike anyone else i know.  he has an amazing memory.  he cheers on the UW huskies.  he cheers on the cougs when i beg him.  he loves 30 for 30 shows and inspirational tv on his sports heroes.  he loves our cat.  he has a knack for memorizing rap songs and singing the lyrics to me.  i seriously don’t know how he memorizes them.  teachers have commented on his memory of music. he even knows lyrics from my generation.  he wakes up happy (most days).  he kisses his finger and swipes mine and says he loves me every morning before he leaves.  when he hugs me i know he really means it.  he has crazy hair… since birth.  he is honest.  he is fun.  he is an all around amazingly cool guy.  you are lucky if you get to be his friend.

happy 15th  MAY MAY.

FFFF always and forever,



ps.. all of your grandparents called today.  and gramp b and grandma lois are smiling down from heaven.

you are loved!

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