monday. blah…



husband left for one day trip to colorado (on his day off).  had to wake up at 4:30am and pretend i’m chipper.  slept 3 total hours since i decided to watch a lifetime movie from 1-3am (i hate how they suck you in and you swear you won’t watch it).  then fell asleep the last 10 minutes and never saw if the mom got her kid back from the crazy people who were holding her hostage.  drove carpool to school (since our kid goes out of district… sounded like a good plan last summer when we switched… not as good idea this morning).  actually dressed up.  thought i’d run tons of errands and get inspired at stores for the holidays.  thought maybe i’d call a friend for coffee.  maybe go to the mall and get a new shirt for thanksgiving.  all great ideas on my day to myself.  this day was intentionally supposed to by MY day and be easy and fun.  went to trader joes hoping to find something yummy and out of the ordinary.  had half of my groceries in my cart (since i was told yesterday “there’s no good food in our house”).  got a call from the school within 2 hours of dropping him off.  picked up the sick kid.  been with sick kid ever since.  thank goodness he just gagged and didn’t actually throw up.  paid bills.  lots of bills.  i hate bills.  watched the rain outside.  that stupid rain.  i hate the rain.  yep, that’s about it.  it’s 5:15 pm and i’m still dressed up.  maybe i should go somewhere.  haha.  who am i kidding.  i think i’ll just put on my pajamas.  haha.

can’t wait for tomorrow.  tuesday.  should be a good day.

happy Monday.


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