taking a few days off to be with the ones i love…


blessings to you all this thanksgiving.

may you find peace and love with those you are with this week.

and make room for memories of those you will be missing.

i am taking a few days off to enjoy my own.

blessed am i.

yes i am.

here are my 30 days of gratitude for 2015…

God.  Family.  Health Of All Of Our Family Members (especially our niece that is healing after her fall).  The Birth Of Our Newest Family Member.  Evening Calls From Greg.  Face Time With Brooke (love seeing her smiling face).  Kisses To Our Fingers Then Swiping Them As He Says Goodbye Each Morning From Mason.  True Friends.  Sunshine On My Face.  Donuts (especially those with bacon on top).  Coffee (hot and iced… cream and one stevia please).  Drinking Out Of My Paris Mug (this list was written on fb before the terrorist attack.  i still will visit paris one day with my two friends.  it’s on our bucket list). Our Cat (Chance The Rapper).   Our Fish (Russell Wilson).  All Of The Photos On My Phone (it’s my personal photo album to be looked at daily by me).  Photo Of The Day (the photos the 4 of us send each other every day so we are connected… priceless).  Flip Flops All Year Round.  Honesty.  Generosity.  Cool Art.  Luck.  Nacho Cheese Doritos.  Pedicures.  Laughter.  Sleep (especially late start Wednesdays).  My Blog (one day my family will appreciate it).  My “World’s Best Mom Trophy From 2003.  Twizzlers.  Our Palm Tree (hula girl) in front of our home.  Random Acts Of Kindness.  Visiting The Original VonReichards (inside joke and i’m sure i don’t spell our name correctly) And Having Dinner At Ottavios (funny thing is we are having dinner there tomorrow night… i’m salivating).  Magazines In The Mail.  Music On My Phone Finally (thanks mason for putting your songs on there, even though the lyrics are mighty interesting… and yes, he added a few of my fav songs).  Every Evening Crawling Into Bed And Knowing All Is Well With My Loved Ones.  And The Biggest Gratitude Yet… I Get To See Brookie Tomorrow!!!!!!!  I’ts Been Too Long.

oops, think I went over my 30 things… and there’s so much more.  But gotta run.  kid just got home from school and apparently is STARVING!!!!


FFFF always and forever.  after all, thanksgiving day, years ago, is where FFFF idea was born.

happy tuesday.


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